A Hair Removal Guide For Total Newbies

Are you a total newbie when it comes to hair removal? Or maybe you just want to explore your options a bit more, as opposed to sticking to a razor for the rest of your life. This guide has you covered! After you’ve read this, you’ll be well equipped to get the best out of your hair removal:


Shaving is the method that many people use. While it’s usually quick and painless, it isn’t a great method for skin. It can make the skin dry, and even cut it if you’re not careful. Plus, the results don’t usually last very long at all. If you need a super quick fix, shaving is OK. But it’s definitely not going to help you look and feel your best in the long run!


Waxing is a good treatment for just about any area. You can buy your own wax strips or go to a pro, depending on what you feel comfortable with and have the budget for. You’ll always get better results from a pro, so remember that! Waxing lasts longer than shaving, at least a couple of weeks. It can also offer a smoother result, as it also exfoliates the skin. That being said, it can be quite a bit more painful, as you are ripping many hairs out at once!




Threading is a good method for the brows, but it can make eyebrow hair grow back more coarse if you’re not careful. It’s not a good idea to mix up the kinds of removal you use on different areas either, as you won’t always get great results. Hairs will be in different phases constantly, which can mean you don’t end up looking as good as you should.

Laser Removal

Laser removal might sound scary, but it’s actually a great way of getting rid of your way. Many treatments can actually be close to pain free. Not only that, some offer permanent results after a certain amount of treatments! A place like Court House Clinics can give you more advice.




Plucking is quick and easy, but it takes time. The results you get will depend on the style of tweezer you choose. This used to be a popular method for eyebrows, but many find it takes too long.

Tips For Getting The Best Out of Hair Removal

For getting the best out of your hair removal, make sure you take your hair type into account. You should also take into account your pain threshold, how long you’d like the results to last, and your budget. Always ask for advice from a professional before you have a treatment, as you may need to prepare the hair or skin in someway before you have the treatment. Always follow their aftercare advice too! You don’t want to contraindicate yourself by using a beauty product on the area. Once you like a method, sticking with it is a good idea. After a short amount of time, you may find less hair grows back. Your pain tolerance should increase too!


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