I was browsing through my photos on my phone at 3AM whilst doing the night feed and something dawned on me. In front of my eyes were countless photo’s of Josh and Freddie, millions of Will and the boys and less than a handful with me in! I think I have taken the job title of chief family photographer and its makes me a little sad. Go on, take a look through your phone right now, I bet you will be quite surprised too! I absolutely love taking photos of the boys and capturing all their adventures to look back on in a few years time. I mean take a look at my facebook and you will see tonnes of photos of them probably to the annoyance of a few people! (wait till you have kids and you will be the same!) You will also see a fair few photos of Will and the boys as I love taking photos of those special moments for Will to remember. I don’t just mean your average smile photo, but the moments you can’t take photo’s of yourself but memories you will want to have in photo form to keep and cherish forever. I mean look at these photos, would you really of remembered all these times together if it wasn’t for the pictures to look back on? No you really wouldn’t, and that is why these photos are so important. Take them, take lots of photos, get on everyones nerves with the many pictures you upload because photos are priceless and you only live in that moment once so take full advantage!

I guess dads don’t really think like us mums do,  when I see Will with one of the boys either playing together, climbing trees or just generally having a daddy moment I quickly grab my phone and snap a photo. I know in a good ten/fifteen years time when he looks back on all the photos it will take him straight back to that time in his life and he will be happily reminded of the lovely time he had growing up with them. I will be looking back at photos of them and thinking what was I doing? Standing behind my phone screen and saying ‘Josh say cheese, come on you can give a better smile than that’ Why can’t dads think the same? Why don’t they look at a moment you are having with your children and think I know lets take a snap that will last forever. 

I have to admit though, it can be partly my fault too! I can take photos of us all together but think;

Oh well actually I have no make up on today

I look really tired though, don’t I?

The size of the spot on my head would just jump out in any photo

I really should get my roots done

Wow I thought I had lost a bit of baby weight

That angle is awful

How bad does my skin look?

Could my hair be any frizzier? 

Like, really does it matter? Will you and the kids look back at the photos and think oh wow mum you look really bad in that photo (well they will probably laugh at the outfit choices I made just like I do with my parents now!) or will it just take them back to their happiest times in life with their mum? Trips to the zoo, the farm, family holidays and many more adventures, as long as the photos are happy and smiley and a reminder of the love you have for your family who cares what you look like! Step out in front of that camera and smile! You can’t rewind time, and as much as you think you will remember all these times growing up with your kids trust me there will be so many you can easily forget. I look back on my phone now from a year ago and remember family trips just because I took a good few photos rather than them being stored just in my head.

So dad’s please just stop what you are doing for a few seconds of the day, take out your phone or camera and snap away. Snap anything, because they really will mean the world to your wife/girlfriend and you can know you were part the reason your great grandchildren will be laughing while looking back at them in countless photo albums. 

Snap away and enjoy the moment and don’t take for granted the memories you are sharing because you aren’t capturing them.

One day, photo’s will be the only thing your family will have of you, so please make sure you’re in them!

Just finishing typing up this post and I turn around to yet another photo opportunity, come on boys take note one perfect heart warming photo;




  1. August 28, 2016 / 6:59 am

    This is so true! My eldest is nearly 5 and my youngest is nearly 2. And I only have photos of me, my oh and my eldest together when she was 6 months old at a photo shoot. We haven't got any 'family photos' it's really annoying but my partner hates having his photo taken,so the ones I have are sneaky ones that he doesn't know I have lol! But this post is so relatable.. Love your blog xx

  2. August 28, 2016 / 7:09 am

    True!! I would love some natural photos with my boys, I love the ones that aren't posed for but Zach has to be asked to take a photo so it's never a natural one really x

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