I don’t know about you but I hate picking cards. I spend forever looking through card after card and reading the poem inside and thinking nah this isn’t something I would write. I love funny cards, the funnier the better and that is where Love Layla comes in. Her cards are incredibly funny and well thought. I remember when I first come across her website after browsing countless card websites and was giggling at every one I saw. They are witty and just the right amount of rude which I think is great. Who want’s a boring happy birthday card when you can have one like these!

She has cards for every single occasion you could think of, and she is the first place I go to when I am in need of a card for anybody. I was luckily sent a few of her card’s to review and I love them. 

‘Well, we are Love Layla Designs & it’s great that you have stopped by.

Specialising in Graphic Design, we design and print unique Greetings Cards to give you a giggle.

With 9 years experience within the Graphic Design and Print industry, our cards are designed professionally and all designs are original and our own work.

Printed with industry standard printers, we produce the cards using local suppliers with a high standard finish.

Purchasing one of our cards will not leave you disappointed – they create giggles and smiles all round – and don’t forget, if there’s something that you would like but can’t see, pop us a message to see what we’re launching next…’

Love Layla do a range of cards for every occasion including birthdays, weddings, engagements, congratulations, anniversaries, sorry, wedding invites, new home cards you name it she does it! 

Each card is made using industry standard printers on high quality card leaving you with a top quality design. and finish They each come with a beautiful envelope with the Love Layla design printed on the back in silver metallic writing which adds a beautiful touch.

Now on to the cards;

Look at these! I mean how funny can you get? I love baby cards and the thoughtful cute new baby pictures but I would of had such a giggle if someone had bought me one of these when I had just given birth. Labour hurts, and in the time after giving birth your in such a bubble and still pained that there is nothing more you need than a good laugh. She does them for both boy’s and girl’s and I absolutely love them.

The perfect birthday card’s for a friend or relative that likes to have a smile and a giggle. What more do you need on a card? These cards will definitely be different to every card they receive, and why would you want to add another boring card to the one’s they will have sitting on the fireplace! They are great for anyone with a sense of humour! 

This one made me giggle, when do you ever find a funny christening card? If I was to get the boys christened and received this, it would definitely be one of the ones you keep to look back on. They honestly are just genius and so well made.

I took another look on her brilliant website and here are a few of my favourites;

The fathers day just gone I got my dad and Will these brilliant card’s too

These card’s just summed up what I wanted to say completely. Freddie is a little sleep thief, and Will did inherit Josh when he decided to get together with me! (How lucky he is!) As for my dad’s card, me and my brother have always had card competitions every year to see who could beat the other. Guess who won this year? (dad definitely loves me more Nick) I couldn’t of picked cards more suitable they really were the perfect choice.

Honestly I cannot recommend Love Layla enough, her designs are brilliantly witty, well made and are sent within 1-2 working days. Which is perfect if you have a birthday or special occasion coming up and need a card quick! 

Now you know where to go when you’re in need of a thank you, moving in, anniversary, wedding, birthday, good luck and many more cards!

Head over to her website here and she is also over on facebooktwitter and instagram

You can also send her a message here.

Lastly heres another to end with a giggle;

‘We print what you think’



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