New Baby Clothing Essentials: What Do You Really Need?

When a new baby is on it’s way, preparation is key. You’ll need to organise just about all areas of your life before their big arrival, and make sure you’re fully prepared for the next few exciting months. There are so many things this tiny person is going to need, and no doubt you have already dashed around the shops picking things up in anticipation. But what exactly do you need when it comes to baby clothes? Soft, comfortable clothing without seams or tags should always be your first choice with plenty of spares for the many clothing changes you’re going to be undertaking. Here are some of the pieces to add to your shopping list!




Onesies will be the staple of your baby’s wardrobe. Go for a mixture of long and short sleeve pieces, and buy a lot of them! While they won’t be in newborn clothes for long, you’ll be changing them so often that it’s useful to have a lot of spares.

Tops/ Trousers

Your baby’s ‘everyday outfits’. These are the kinds of cute things you’re likely to have the most fun buying! Choose soft and stretchy fabrics, baby leggings are great for both genders as they’re easy to get on and off for changing, are comfortable for your baby to wear and allow them to move without being restricted.


Cardigans are essential to provide an extra layer of clothing and warmth when you’re taking your baby outside. Cardigans are preferred over sweatshirts, since they can be buttoned up and don’t have to be pulled over your baby’s head.

Pyjamas/ Sleepsuits

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that instead of covering your baby with blankets and quilts at night, to dress them in a one piece sleeper instead. Go for sleepsuits with built in feet to keep them cosy and warm.

Scratch Mitts

Anti scratch mitts will ensure that your baby doesn’t catch the delicate skin on their face with their tiny nails. These are also essential as your baby gets older if they suffer with any skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis as they can prevent them scratching and damaging their skin. You can even buy pyjama sets with mitts incorporated to prevent them from scratching their skin in the night.

A Hat

You’ll need either a summer or winter hat, depending on the time of year that your baby is born.

Socks and Booties

Shoes are designed for walking, and are unnecessary until your baby reaches this milestone when they’re older. Shoes can actually hinder the growth of feet and so it’s important not to purchase them too early on. Opt for booties instead, they should be loose enough for your baby to wiggle their toes. If you choose ones with an elasticated cuff they’re much more likely to stay on their feet!



You’re bound to have loads of fun shopping for your baby’s clothes in preparation for their arrival. It’s important to check each piece carefully though before adding it to their wardrobe. For example, anything with cords, ribbons or ties should be avoided due to the risk of strangulation. Any decorative accessories such as buttons should be checked to make sure they’re secure and don’t pose a choking hazard. Of course most manufacturers of baby clothes will be completely safe, but if you’re ordering online from a different country for example give everything a good check over beforehand.


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