I never once used a dummy clip with Josh when he was little, I don’t know why as all my friends did and I always thought they were a good idea just never got round to buying one. This time around, as there are so many cute one’s on the market I decided Freddie needed one. 

I got sent this lovely monochrome dummy clip from shop mummy and me and I love it. I love the design and how chunky it is, I love the colours that she has used and how sturdy it is. The balls are made from rubber and Freddie loves the feel of them, he constantly has his hands griped around them. Each dummy clip gets sent in lovely packaging with a business card and a little thank you for your order slip which is lovely.

As he gets older and starts to get teeth coming through (dreading this!) these also double up as a teething ring! Not only do they hold your dummy in place, while they are clipped on to your little one they can use it to chomp on when they are in pain. 

This little silicone clip attaches to the dummy perfectly and the black clip that attaches to their clothes is really strong and not flimsy in the slightest. 

I absolutely love the colours she has used, black grey and white as I love anything monochrome and it matches any outfit beautifully. They are made really well and even the string used feels like good quality.

As you can see he really does love grabbing the dummy clip in his little hands which is brilliant for practising his grip.

They are the perfect partner to a dummy that always seems to go missing. I always chuck his dummy in a bag, or at the bottom of his pram and it takes forever to try and find it when he’s crying. When it is attached to his clip it is so easy to find as its usually attached to his outfit too. Even if you were to put it in your bag on the dummy clip it would be so much easier to find, which means less time with a crying baby and more peace and quiet. 

She has such a lovely range of teething necklaces and dummy clips so I thought I would show you a few.

How sweet are the teethers? I love the colours she has chosen to create them! The little sea horse and anchors are amazing. Look at the cookie collection too can you get any more adorable? 

My favourite though has to be the elephant and giraffe teethers. They are so pretty and so convenient you really can tell she puts so much effort in to making them. I feel like Freddie needs one to add to the collection now. 

For any of you little bird lovers she also does a rainbow range;


I really couldn’t recommend her website enough, she has such a varied lovely collection and something for every taste. She is very reasonably priced and I received my dummy clip so quickly the delivery was really fast.

Head on over to her website here she is also over on instagram and you can send her a message here.

*I was sent this free of charge for review but all opinions are 100% honest


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