Okay, I admit, I have a zara addiction for my children;

Okay so Will, please click off this as you will want to kill me. Remember how cute your little boy looks every day before you shout, please?

I didn’t realise how many outfits I had from the Zara mini collection until I put them together, look at it alll! I have lot’s of duplicates in different sizes as I love the clothes so much. 

Zara have the cutest little clothes for little people, although the mini size is quite that very mini. I would say it is very small sizing, and not much difference in each size but that didn’t stop me from buying every size clearly.

I just love the fit of it all and how cute Freddie looks in each outfit.

I love the panda’s and the pear’s, look how teeny he was!

 Look at that smiley happy face!! I love this River Island jumper with some of his mini leggings he looks too cute.

Wow look at the size difference, can you stop growing now please Freddie?

 His face has barely changed but look how chunky he has got! Bears have got to be my ultimate favourite on him.

Look how cute and wintery he looks in summer! 

Look at those little legs! I can’t believe he was so small! He is currently in the 3/6 mini section although not for long and I am dreading it when he outgrows his 9/12 as that is the last size they do! 

Honestly if you or your friend are having a baby check out the Zara website and go on to the mini collection as the price isn’t ridiculous and the outfits are beautiful. He gets so many compliments whenever he is dressed in mini and I just love the way they fit and look on him.

They have a really cute girls collection too so not just for boys! 

Are you as crazy as me when it comes to baby clothes? He has a ridiculous amount piled up high and he has barely worn any of his baby grows (in my defence he gets so hot he’s been living in vests!) 

To make it worse, you should see his general Zara collection that isn’t mini! It is ridiculous. I shouldn’t of started buying them before he was born as I have ended up having around 40+ pairs of leggings (shameful!) That post will be coming up soon, I just didn’t want to give Will a heart attack! 

Which outfit is your favourite?




  1. August 26, 2016 / 2:03 pm

    He's so adorable 🙂 My little boy is called Freddie too!
    I love Zara's clothing. x

  2. August 28, 2016 / 7:21 am

    He has the cutest clothes. Alfie had Zara when he was smaller but Theos not had any yet. Them little polos are my favourite, the colours they come in are gorgeous too ?

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