Baby Brain? Escape Motherhood With A Spa Day At Home With These Tips

We all have days where we have spent so much time with our little ones that we have baby brain. After all, it’s so hard to think about ourselves when we have kids. Our world often becomes full of nappies and Peppa Pig. However, it’s so important to give yourself a rest now and again, so that you are refreshed and ready to look after the kids. Therefore, ask your partner or a grandparent to look after your little ones for an hour or two and then you can pamper yourself. And you don’t even have to leave the door and spend a fortune; here are some tips for escaping motherhood with a spa day at home!

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Make or buy a face mask

One thing which often gets neglected when we are busy with our little ones is our skin. We often forget to moisturise it every day once we have kids, and it’s easy for it to deteriorate. Therefore, during your spa day at home, you should make or buy a face mask which will exfoliate your skin. Face masks are perfect for leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. There are many you can buy such as this one I wrote about previously. Or you can make your own with items you have in your home. For example, a mashed up banana can leave your skin feeling much softer. Or a mix of avocado and honey with coconut oil is great for replenishing dry skin. Remember to get some cucumbers for your eyes which are ideal for getting rid of those eye bags from having kids!

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Change into your bathrobe

When you go to the spa, one of the best things is when you change into their comfortable dressing gowns! Therefore, repeat this experience at home by getting out your cozy bathrobe out to relax in while you are completing your treatments. It will ensure you stay comfortable while you are giving your body some TLC. Make sure it’s nice and hot before you put it on. If you don’t have a good one already, you can look online to find hotel linen suppliers who sell great quality bathrobes and towels for your spa day at home.

Put on some candles

If you want to truly relax, you need to make your bathroom as dark as possible. Otherwise, you will stay alert while you are attempting to switch off. Therefore, turn off the lights and get some candles which will ensure you relax in a quiet and calming environment. As this article says, you could even get some scented candles which will ensure the room smells lovely while you relax

Give yourself a pedicure

It’s easy to forget about our lovely feet while we are looking after kids all day. But they need some love too. Fill a deep bowl with water and soap and then relax your feet in there for a few minutes. You can then remove them and apply some great moisturising foot cream which will help to remove any dead skin. You can then cut the nails and then apply some nail polish to ensure they look great.

Remember to drink plenty of lemon water while you are relaxing during your spa day at home. It will help to give your immune system a boost by stimulating the white blood cells.


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