We decided to take a trip to Ponty Lido with the boys as it was a nice sunny day and we wanted to make the most of the last week summer holiday! Josh had a ball he absolutely loved it there! 

It is basically like a holiday complex with sunbeds, changing rooms, a massive swimming pool for both adults children and babies. They also have a blow up activity adventure slide which was a little big for Josh but I saw quite a few around his age have a go! (my heart wouldn’t cope!) Josh spent most of the time in the ‘baby pool’ he doesn’t really like deep water so he was in his element with the water fountain and being able to run around without the thought of going under water. 

You have to have one adult to one child in the water, so I stayed out with Freddie and Will went in with Josh. Although he complained about how cold he was (baby!) I sat and watched with my cheesy beans and chips and had a sit down talking to Freddie in his pram.

A few cuddles with Josh to get him warm and some more playing in the pool with Will, while I stayed watching and taking plenty of photos. Even a few smiles from Freddie who is just a little bit small to be playing in pools! It was quite overcast while we were in the water, only a few times did the sun come out to warm us up.

We then headed off to the carnival they had open which was next to the swimming pools;

I bought Josh 12 tokens and said once they were gone they were gone and said he could use them on whatever he liked. He ran straight to the rides and jumped on! Each ride was 2 tokens each and he loved it. He used three tokens on the puppy catcher and won a prize (you win one every time) he obviously chose a gun because he’s a typical boy. More shooting around the carnival and he had two goes on the helicopter ride and 2 goes on the car’s ride.

A couple more goes on the rides and the blow up slide which he loved for a few minutes until he came flying down and took all the skin off his arm! After that he was ready to take a look around and visit the park they had there.

On to the park;

The park is actually a really good size! They had lots to do for little ones of all ages I was really impressed. Josh stayed mainly in the sand which surprised me as usually he hates sand. He really enjoyed placing it on the black belt and moving it up and watching it fall. He obviously loved the little tunnel and slides and mainly just played on them and didn’t take much notice of anything else! It was a lot brighter at this point which always help when you’re at a park. 

He absolutely loved the trip and I would recommend going to anyone with children it was a lovely family day out.

We then ended the day with a trip to the park with his friends by our house but he was so tired he was a little monkey! 

He even sat on the pram on the walk home because his legs were ‘too tired’



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