I love christmas I always have done. When you’re younger you think nothing can beat that christmas morning feeling of running downstairs and seeing what father christmas has left you under the tree. Having children at christmas tops that completely. Watching the excitement on their little face’s is priceless and something that fills me with such joy. 

Josh the past year has grown up so much that I know this will be such a special year at christmas time as he understands so much more, and he has been writing a christmas list for weeks! I don’t know how he can think of anything else he practically has the entire stock of Smiths on there!

Something I love doing with him is talking about father christmas watching him to see if he has been a good boy or a naughty boy. I ask him regularly if he thinks he’s been good enough to be put on the good list, or if he has had a cheeky day and will be placed on the naughty list. 

This is where littleleoprints comes in a lovely shop run by a lady called Emma Davison. When I saw her prints I thought they were such a brilliant idea and a lovely way to show the kids that they have been well behaved and that father christmas has been watching them all year round. When the print came in the post and I showed Josh he was so excited! He was telling everyone around him that father christmas thinks he’s been a good boy and was excited to be placed on the good list. 

I love all the detail she has used with the stamps, the different fonts used and the lovely bright red border. It looks really professional and Josh was over the moon. She packaged it lovely in a protective sleeve and hard envelope to ensure no damage was made. It is a little creased from Josh running around with it to show everyone!

‘Does this mean I can have lots of toys mum?’ 

Josh even made me place it on his bedroom window so he can look at it every day to be reminded that he’s being watched and has been a good boy. There is nothing more magical than the excitement of children at christmas time and this has just heightened his excitement!

Obviously Freddie had to get involved too! Father christmas thinks he has been very well behaved!

Well done boys! 

To get one of these for your child/children to make them feel as special as Josh did, head on over to her etsy shop here your little one won’t be disappointed! She also has a range of other wonderful prints to choose from. You can buy milestone cards (which I love) wedding invitations and even the sweetest cake bunting!

You can even choose a custom print of anything you like!

Follow her over on instagram to see her latest designs here



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