Don’t Fly South For The Winter: There’s Plenty To See In The North

What do birds have in common with British families? When the time comes to migrate, they always fly south. Especially in winter, we just have a tendency to seek out the warmer climes and enjoy a bit of sun on our backs.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (as people always say when they kind of think there is something wrong with something). It’s just that there are so many places you can go. So many directions you can head in. We’re programmed to head South because that’s where the “holiday destinations” are. But are we doing ourselves a tremendous disservice by taking this approach?

Ditch That Tunnel Vision!


Despite the results of a certain referendum held in June, Britain still has the European mainland on its doorstep. France is an incredibly short distance away, and then there’s Spain and Portugal right next to it. Beaches, hotels and swimming pools as far as the eye can see! But turn back in the other direction, and there’s a lot to appreciate further North, too. Your family holidays don’t always have to be somewhere sunny.

Scotland: Not As Much Fun If You Already Live There

Certainly, for people living in England there is a lot to be said for a trip to Scotland. There is plenty to feast your eyes on here, with beautiful natural scenery sweeping the horizon in front of you. You can head inland and appreciate the natural wonder of the hills and valleys.


Or you can drive to the coast and see some of the most incredible natural landscapes the UK has to offer. The further North you head, the more rugged the coast gets. It’s a chance to show your kids that holidays can be about more than the swimming pool.

Lapland: The Home Of That Bearded Guy

Interestingly enough, when we were growing up many of us were told differing stories of where Santa lived. For many of us, it was definitely the North Pole, which meant going to see him was more or less a pipe dream. But fortunately, many of us were told that he lives in Lapland. And that’s more manageable.


In fact, a trip to Lapland is more than manageable. A thriving tourist trade (centred in no small part around that bearded guy) brings countless people through every year. There’s plenty to do outside of offering assurances that everyone belongs on the “nice” list. You can find some tips for choosing a family activity holiday online and really get to see something different.

Norway: Picturesque In The Most Stunning Way

When people talk about beautiful natural scenery, it’s easy to picture rolling fields and flowers. But in Norway, the natural scenery often rises a few thousand feet out of the sea. A trip to see the Norwegian fjords isn’t just fun for you, it’s worthwhile for everyone. Sognefjord, the longest fjord in Norway, will amaze even the most jaded teenager. The whole family will find something to do here – the only problem is that you might not want to come home.


As a side benefit to journeys North, you don’t have to worry as much about your holiday wardrobe. You don’t need to think about being beach body ready, either, when most of your outfits will be about wrapping up warm and walking in the snow.


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