I love leggings on boys (see post here) so when browsing through instagram I came across Leshy Lamb and instantly fell in love with their clothing range.

‘Lovingly handmade to order in the UK to amplify little ones’ and big ones’ cuteness. From wrapping your bump in our maternity range to cocooning your precious little ones in style and comfort and allowing you to twin and match with them in our women’s range, our aim is to make hearts leap, so you scoop your little ones up, swing them round, blow raspberries on their tummies and give them perfect squishes.  

Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Leshy Lamb was established in 2015 and has grown into a small and wonderful team.  

Leshy Lamb links six generations of my family. I started making clothing for my little boy, which I only had the skills and abilities to do because of my granny who spent hours teaching me to be crafty! Her mother and grandmother were seamstresses by trade and when I am absorbed in any craft I feel a connection to these women I never met but am so thankful to. The name Leshy Lamb comes from my mum’s loving name for me – her precious, leshious, little lamb.

I hope the designs inspired by my little one bring you as much joy as they have us.’

 I was lucky enough to be sent these two pairs for the boys to review by the lovely Emma and I love them. Josh and Freddie have worn them non stop and they are still in perfect new condition.

I picked these gorgeous snail leggings for Freddie;

Look at them, aren’t they the cutest pair of baby leggings you have ever seen? I love the quality and the feel of them they are super soft and stretchy. They don’t feel tight in the slightest on his little waist and legs like some other brands can do as they have such a stretchy feel to them. 

They have been washed numerous times as he has worn them the most out of any of his other leggings as I love them so much. They haven’t faded or bobbled which is always a massive bonus when you want to keep them in perfect condition.

They go so perfectly with loads of different jumpers/tops and look adorable paired with his white baby converse.

As for Josh I picked these maroon and grey stars as I knew they would look perfect with one of his favourite jumpers he owns;

The fit and feel on his little legs is lovely. He told me they are comfier than his pyjamas and he loves that he can bend his legs so easily in them when playing which is always a plus for a four year old boy who is always on the go.

Leggings are perfect for play days and days out at play centres. He can run around easily and be really comfortable and not restricted like you would be in a pair of jeans. They look fashionable and are the most comfortable piece of clothing you can put on them so what isn’t to love? 

Like Freddie, Josh has worn these on so many different occasions and they still look perfect. I want to invest in so many more pairs for them as they really are worth the money and she has so many different designs to chose from there is something for every taste.

She also does women’s clothing to match the kids which I love. I love matching the boys and we have plenty of t shirts the same and I love taking shameless photos with them in matching clothes.

She even does a maternity range which is amazing and I bet they would be ridiculously comfortable if the boys leggings are anything to go by I would highly recommend you pregnant mummy’s to invest in a few pairs to see you through your pregnancy. I wish I knew about her range when I was pregnant I would of bought loads.

She does those prints in either leggings or a skirt so there are plenty of options  to choose from.

There are even a few bits left in the sale so go and check them out! (My favourite being this snood bib) 

Talking of snoods she has an amazing collection to choose from;

Here are a few of her range of headbands;

A range of her tunic dresses for the little princess in your life;

A range of shorts which are perfect for holidays are general relaxing around the house;

Lastly my favourite out of her entire amazing collection are the unisex leggings, they really are perfect for any little boy/girl or baby;

As you can see, she has such a varied collection of everything you could think of. She works really hard on her range and her effort really shines through the products that she creates. I am so glad I came across her website and I will always be a fan of her clothing for both of my boys!

Honestly go and check out her website here you won’t regret it. She is also over on facebook and instagram too.


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