There is nothing I love more than personalised presents and christmas decorations so when I got the chance to review a few of them made by the lovely nanabworkshop I jumped at the chance and was very impressed with the quality and just how lovely they were.

Look at this hanging wall plaque it is so lovely. It is so beautiful to look at and the detail used is amazing. It is so sturdy and not flimsy in the slightest like other things I have had in the past. I know this will last and will look really pretty added to the photo wall I am currently in the process of completing. I really do love it, and every person I have shown loves it too. It would make the perfect christmas present for any family member or friend as its thoughtful and you can add as many names as you want. 

With us just moving into our new house (shortly) we have barely any christmas decorations let alone personalised ones so when I got this in the post I was so happy. Last year Josh constantly asked me how many sleeps till father christmas would be here and as he has been in reception this year, his numbers and writing have improved.  He will be able to count and write the numbers down himself which he will love. I love the vintage style with the string to hand this up, and the lovely red bow and golden stars added to complete it. Look how sweet the reindeer is I cannot wait to put this up! 

Last year, Josh loved putting out carrots for the reindeers along with milk and cookies for Father Christmas so he will be made up when he sees this! His very own special reindeer food to sprinkle out on the grass on christmas eve to attract the reindeers to our new house! Im honestly so excited for christmas this year and these bits just add to the excitement of christmas with little ones!

For any house without a fireplace this is such a brilliant idea. A key for santa to get in to your house, as how else will he get inside? I will still let Josh put this out as I will say incase he can’t get down the chimney he will need something magic to get in to our house! He loves little things like this and I know he will be over the moon when he gets to see the key and the reindeer food.

Look how cute the little gingerbread man is. It has his name big enough for him to recognise on the tree which he will like and I love the coloured bow It really is so sweet. Each decoration is so sturdy and not rough around the edges in the slightest which is always good for the little hands who will be putting it on the tree! As always I love the string that she has used as I love the vintage theme.

Every year I buy Josh a new christmas decoration for the tree. It has become a tradition every year, and eventually I want to give him all the ones I have collected through the years to put on his tree. Now I know he’s a boy, so probably wont be interested but hopefully he will appreciate it! I will be doing the same for Freddie too. These decorations are so beautifully made and its the same as Josh’s first one too which is a coincidence! I love that she added the year for his first christmas it has such a special touch and I really do love it and cannot wait to hang it from our tree.

Lastly, she added in these beautiful present tags. ‘With love from Santa’ and ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ I cannot wait to use these with brown paper they will look incredible! I love wrapping presents in brown paper as I love the look that it gives and these tags will add the perfect finishing touch. If you like this type of look like I do, then I really recommend these tags as they really are lovely. 

Take a look at a few of her other items;

This post has got me all excited for christmas!

I really would recommend nanabworkshop25 so much, her items are beautifully handmade and you can tell she has made an effort with each item as they look and feel beautiful!

Visit her shop here you won’t regret it!



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