Freddies pram is something that took me and Will ages to decide on. We went for an icandy because it had the best reviews and I have always thought they looked the nicest against other branded prams. We decided on a black frame instead of a silver frame as its less noticeable if you were to scratch it and I just love the look of the matte black. 

The only thing I didn’t like was it never came with a pram liner so wasn’t very comfortable for Freddie. We were sent this lovely sheep skin liner from Happy Frog and I absolutely love it. I love the way it looks and feels in the pram. I was a bit unsure what Freddie would make of it but I shouldn’t of worried as he loves it just as much as I do. It is honestly the cosiest liner I have felt and he looks so snug when he is sitting or sleeping in his pram.

  • Soft, Warm and Fluffy like no other cover
  • 100% Natural Lambskin Fur
  • Tanned using herbal reagents relugan
  • Fully machine washable on a wool cycle, Care Instruction attached
  • Keeps your body warm
  • Allows air circulation
  • Adds extra softness to puschchairs and car seat
  • Fur lenght aprox. 3cm to 4cm
  • Size approx. 72cm x 43cm / 29”x 17”
  • Designed to fit most 5 and 3 point harnesses on all strollers, 3 wheelers and car seats

Natural Wool fibres are the best insulators. The lamb fur is breathable and displace moisture very quickly. Keeps your baby dry and warm at the same time as the fur naturally traps warm air within the fibres. Lambskin absorbs sweat immediately, giving it off to the air seven times faster than any synthetic materials. Sweat absorbing qualities mean as well excellent cooling qualities. Natural properties of lamb fur have been recognised for centuries, it is time now to use them again,
100% natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable products!

Antibacterial – non irritating
Medical lambskins goes through special preparation procedure
Cool on summer – warm on winter

I love that it is cool on summer and warm on winter as you can use it all year round. It is designed to be able to use in car seats, prams and pushchairs and even baby bouncers/swings or rockers. It really is a great multi purpose liner which even Will is a fan of! 

Even Josh sat in the pram to feel it as he said Freddie looked cosy and warm and he was jealous! It is so soft to touch no wonder Freddie falls asleep so easily in his pram when he gets to cuddle up to the liner.

We have had so many compliments on our liner since adding it to the pram. ‘Look how cosy he looks’ ‘I love the way your liner looks in the pram’ ‘Where did you get that liner’ I told everyone a post was coming up on it as I was so pleased with the quality of the liner.

I mean look at him, look how happy he is in his gorgeous pram;

I am a very happy mummy now that Freddie is comfortable and cosy while we are out and about especially in the winter months. I would highly recommend Happy Frog and the liners they have as they are delivered very quickly and are a brilliant quality that every parent needs and will love. 

Head on over to their website here to check out the other items they have to offer. They have every thing ranging from things for baby and children to home and garden and sports and leasure so its not just for parents! 




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