So this year I have decided to jump on the elf on the shelf bandwagon! Josh is 4 and a half and completely understands everything now so I felt like this would be perfect timing to start and I am so excited to see his little face each morning trying to find him.

Basically if you haven’t heard of elf on the shelf its an elf that gets sent by santa from the north pole. He comes on december the first to watch your children to see if they are being naughty or nice. The elf flies back to the north pole every single night to tell father christmas, he then flies back to your home for your children to find him in the morning (usually being cheeky or doing something naughty)

So what did I do to welcome the elf?

Lets just say Josh will not be a happy bunny when he sees that the elf is trying to steal his advent calendar but I am sure he will be excited to see all his super heroes trying to save the day!

Naughty elf its only day one!

I also used this letter;



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