So honestly is this really a big deal? Social media has gone crazy the last couple of weeks with both Victoria Beckham and Hillary Duff receiving negative backlash for kissing their children on the lips. Really? Do we live in a world where it is now not acceptable to kiss your own children? They were called things such as disgusting, inappropriate and gross. How can something as loving and natural as a kiss on your children’s lips be classed as disgusting? What is so inappropriate about sharing the strong love you have with the affection of a kiss?

My son will be five next year and do I kiss him on the lips? You bet you I do, every single day. Am I ashamed or embarrassed? No. My boys are the love’s of my life and the reason i get up every single day with a smile on my face. They are a complete gift and I will show them for as long as I can that they deserve the affection and love that I give them. Josh is a clever beautiful little boy who is mine, I created him and I love him so much that for as long as he wants to I will gladly kiss and cuddle him and keep him close to me.

Why should I be made to feel embarrassed for kissing him on the lips? The comments I have read online are completely ridiculous. Calling Victoria Beckham a lesbian for kissing her own daughter, a little girl she made and cherishes is a complete joke. How can anyone sexualise a kiss between a parent and their child? Does Will kiss the boys on the lips? Of bloody course he does and why shouldn’t he? How can something so innocent be made out to be wrong? There is absolutely nothing what so ever about a kiss between a parent  and a child that could be remotely sexual.

I have kissed Josh on the lips from the moment he was placed in my arms as a tiny wrinkly little newborn baby and I will carry on doing this for as long as we are both happy and comfortable. I believe that a child needs to feel loved and receive affection in life to be happy and content. I live in a home where I will gladly give my boys cuddles and kisses every single day for them to feel safe and appreciated. Josh is a very affectionate little boy and I will enjoy that for as long as I can, as I know that one day he won’t be giving out as many cuddles and kisses. I kiss him before he leaves for school, I kiss him when he’s hurt or fallen over, I kiss him to show him I am proud of something he has achieved and I kiss him before he goes to sleep every night not only because I want to but because he asks me to. 

Something I don’t understand is that it is completely fine to kiss a newborn baby as much as you want, but as soon as they hit the age three and above it is deemed unacceptable? So what If i was to believe in this what would it tell Josh? If he was to see me kissing and cuddling his little brother as often as I do, but didn’t show him the same love and affection do you not think that would effect his mental state? Would he not feel pushed out, unloved and forgotten? Just because we live in a world where people sexualise everything and anything even as innocent as a kiss on the lips of your children, does that mean I should hurt my son and risk making him feel like he isn’t as special just to please people who think I am wrong? The people who shake their head in disgust and name shame loving parents. The day before they turn three, what do you expect parents to do? Smother their children in kisses and never be allowed to do it again? Don’t be so ridiculous and stop shaming parents for something that comes so natural to any loving mother or father.

I love my two boys and I will show them this by pecking their little lips as soon as they say ‘mummy, kiss please’ who am I to refuse just to please social media trolls. People really need to think before they judge as, as long as my boys are happy and feeling loved then I know I am doing my job as a parent and I am doing it well.

One day you will be running away from my kisses, and will be too embarrassed to hold my hand in public so for this little time I will embrace the innocence of kissing you on the lips my little cherub before you’re old enough to say mummmm stop it you’re embarrassing me! 


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