I love receiving gifts like these through the post! People who run small businesses on Instagram or facebook are always so lovely and really put so much effort in to the items that they make. I have always had personalised christmas decorations for Josh every single year so it was only fair I had some for Freddie. 

Look at how beautiful these are! Personalised with their names on and filled with lovely tiny jewels that really shine lovely in the light. The bow used to hang on to the tree is thee perfect added touch and I love how it will look on the tree. Perfect for his first christmas decoration! 

Josh’s is such an amazing bright blue and he loves it. I love how she has used different colours inside as they really compliment each other and look lovely together. Once again they are personalised with their names and a beautiful bow to hang from the tree. Josh loves the noise when you shake them and shouts ‘listen to the music mum’ 

On to frame and I am so pleased with it;

I have wanted a frame with a picture of his first day of school since he started. As it is such a special day to celebrate I wanted a lasting memory and this is perfect.

The design is lovely and the writing is on the glass which makes it look really professional.

 Look at the little crayon this added touch makes it look so much better and I am really impressed with the quality. 

Josh keeps showing everybody his frame when they come over, I want to put it on show in the boys toy room as soon as we move as I think it will be the perfect place to show it off! The frame is lovely and strong too and hasn’t broken like quite a few I have received before! (which is always good) 

Overall I am really happy with the products I was sent and would highly recommend you taking a visit to her page on Instagram here and her Facebook page here.

Personalised gifts I really believe are the best at christmas and these really would make the perfect gift for any of your friends or family.

You won’t be disappointed! 



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