I was browsing through facebook as per usual in the middle of the night when Freddie wakes for his dummy and I saw this;

Bradley Lowery a beautiful little boy suffering with a horrible disease Neuroblastoma. A little more about it here;

‘Bradley Lowery was Diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma on the 7th of January 2013. It started in his adrenal gland above his left kidney. Although Bradley is now in remission, High Risk Neuroblastoma has up to 80% relapse rate and the UK cannot treat him if he relapsed. This means having to take Bradley abroad to pay for treatment; this is why we are still fundraising. We need funds available at a moment’s notice more than ever before. 

The tumour was so big it put pressure on major organs and arteries which at one point made it very dangerous. The cancer spread to his chest, lungs, lymph nodes, bone and bone marrow. After undergoing major surgery to remove tumours this year, Bradley underwent more High Dose Chemotherapy. Throughout all of his chemotherapy treatment one element of Bradley stood out to his family, and that was he was a fighter. His tenacity to overcome this horrible disease became the focus of his campaign. A fighter, Bradley has inspired thousands of people in the community and now across the world in person and on-line to follow his progress as he undergoes this awful treatment to rid his body of the cancer. He lifts the spirits of everyone he comes into contact with. Members of the community have raised over £250,000 so far, a testament itself in the impact such a young person can have on its community. Underneath Bradley is like any other growing child, he is mischievous, climbs on the settee and wrestles with his pet dog. 

Edited 09.07.16

Bradley has now relapsed and we need to raise around £700,000 for treatment/accommodation/ and insurances to get Bradley the vital treatment abroad 

Chase the wind and touch the sky’

Bradley Lowery is a 5 year old lovely little boy who sadly has just two months left to live after struggling for some time battling against cancer. His last wish is to receive thousands and thousands of Christmas cards.
His address is …. 

Bradley Lowery
5 Attlee Avenue
Blackhall Rocks
TS27 4BY

Please share and spread the word lets make his dreams come true. Imagine what him and his poor family are going through and by doing this one tiny thing for him you will be making his entire christmas. All the children who are asking for millions of presents on christmas day, and all this little boy wants is a christmas card! Please send your cards ASAP to make his dream a reality! 

You are truly an inspirational little boy!


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