Hello 2017! 2016 has been a very fast year, I left work in March (through exhaustion) and those 9 months have gone far too quickly I am heading back to work soon! It gave me a beautiful little boy to add to our family and a little brother for Josh to play with! We had a few little trips away and I spent a lot of time with my friends enjoying kids friendly activity! Our christmas was lovely and family fun filled and I am looking forward to another year as a family of four. 

I can’t wait to start eating better. I always use christmas and new year as an excuse to eat complete rubbish and I am excited to get back in to eating better and fitting back in to my pre pregnancy clothes (wishful thinking hey) If I could have magic powers and have three wishes for the year they would be;

My mum to get complete health back (she has 12% function with her kidneys and heart problems) and for her to be able to walk more than a metre without being in complete agony with her nerve pain in her back. Its awful to see someone you care so much about being exhausted through her illness and not being able to carry or play as much with the kids (although she does do everything for Josh she idolises both the boys!) She is amazing for dealing with what she is going through and I really do love you more than anything in the world mumma bear!

My brother also, he is in complete agony with his back having to have operation after operation to get discs removed and nothing has helped! To see a happy healthy young man go from doing exsercise and sport every day to now not being able to drive a car let alone barely walk has been awful over this last year! He has one more operation in the next coming months and I am really preying that it works and he gets back to complete mobility.

Lastly, for Josh to love school its been really hard being a mum and watching him get so upset and scared about school. I really hope the christmas break and getting back into a routine of school every week day doesn’t pull us back even more. You have another 12 years of school Josh so I would love it if you can start to enjoy it! You are learning things and making new friends I want it to be a special experience for you not one you are scared of. So heres to happy school times and not when asked what your favourite part of school is ‘coming home’ is not what I want to hear!

What would you wish for? Happy and healthy new year to you all!



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