jI love dressing the boys as you know so thought I would try and do a weekly post on their outfits! As Josh is in school all week he barely gets to wear clothes that I buy him which I hate! He doesn’t like to pose for me any more either and his smile always cracks me up! Poor Freddie has to have a million photo’s taken a day as he is so sick he has loads of outfit changes.

Denim jacket – Zara

White long sleeved top – Next

Trousers – Zara 

Top – Jellyfish kids

Leggings – Zara

I love zaras clothing selection and most of their wardrobe is from there. I would say its quite reasonably priced but if you like something from there I would suggest buying it as they sell out quickly and have regular new stock which means things come and go quickly. 

I love Serah’s range of clothing from Jellyfish kids they both have so much from there! They wash so well and match up with so many different outfits! I love matching them like these ‘Brother goals’ tops, I mean how cute are they it really sums up the little bond both my babies have;

What have your little ones wore today?



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