I never knew about this until recently when I watched a video on youtube about it so really wanted to share the awareness as it is so important. It’s cold outside and you put your child in a coat to leave the house or the baby in a snow suit to keep them warm. You pop them in the car seat and off you drive to wherever you need to go, but are they actually safe?

No.  The extra layers you are putting on your child can cause a gap between them and the safety harness of the seat which as you can see in the video below is so dangerous if you were to be involved in an accident. Therefore if you were to be in a car accident the harness wouldn’t be close enough to your child to be able to restrain them.

Watch this video;

Also you have the danger of your baby overheating in snowsuits in the car when the car warms up! 

Did you know that to keep your child safe in a car seat you should remove their coat or jacket and pull the harness tight enough to fit just two fingers between your child and the straps. I now always take off the boys coat’s before they go in the car and if Josh complains of being cold he takes his warm blanket to snuggle up in once he is placed in his seat. 

Even if this post has enlightened one person on the dangers then i’m happy.



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