We were lucky enough to be sent a few new toys for Freddie to play with (and review!) which I was really happy about as he hasn’t really got many toys just Josh’s old baby toys. He usually prefers to play with whatever Josh is playing with! (saves money I guess)

We were sent the ‘Fun Feelings Monster’ ‘Hungry Monster Maze’ and the Press n’ Go Monster Vehicle’ so here is what we thought;

He couldn’t wait to get them out the box! 

Fun Feelings Monster

Bat at the monster’s roller face for 3 different feelings – happy, sad and surprised

Fun sounds reinforce each emotion

RRP £14.99

Suitable from 6 months+

Freddie loved this I think it was his favourite out of the lot. He really enjoyed spinning the Monster’s rolling face and hearing the different sounds.  I was actually really surprised that he knew what to do after a few goes and even Josh wanted to get involved and play with them. I really love how bright and colourful it is and it has different textures which Freddie loves to touch, hold and play with. He doesn’t understand the different expressions yet as he’s too little but it will be a great way to teach him as he gets a little older.

Josh would say to him ‘Look Freddie the monster is sad, why is he sad Mummy?’ I would ask Josh why he thought the monster could be sad and he would think of different reasons for each emotion which was great as it was interesting to see what reasons he would give. 

Hungry Monster Maze

Slot the colourful discs into the monster’s head and watch them roll into his belly and down his tail

Includes 6 discs to ‘feed’ the monster

Fun chomping sounds and light up eyes

RRP £19.99

Suitable from 6 months+

This one is mine and Josh’s favourite! Freddie really tried to pick up the coins and ‘feed’ the monster which impressed me. It took a good few attempts for him to get it inside the monster but with help from his big brother they had lots of fun. I really love how these toys have been designed using lots of bright colours to make it appealing for children’s eyes. The sounds and light up eyes are a good added touch and made Freddie smile. 

I love how it makes Freddie practise his pincer grip all while playing, enjoying himself and learning. Josh loved counting how many objects were on the coin and putting them in order for Freddie to grab and ‘feed’ the monster. I know this toy will last as Josh loves to with it to. 

Press n’ Go Monster Vehicles 

Press down on the Monster’s head to get wheels moving

RRP £12.99 each

Suitable from 6 months+

Josh, Will and Freddie love sitting on the floor together in a circle while playing with the Press n’ Go Monster. It is lovely to watch them all have fun playing together. Freddie really giggles when the Monster shoots across the floor and between his legs and always starts to clap! Josh loves trying to shoot it across to Will really fast the little terror and they all have such fun together. 

Freddie loves the feel of the Monsters ‘hair’ (the blue string) He loves to feel any object which is all learning through touch and feeling things. He is just starting to get to grips with pushing down the button with a little help from his big brother of course! Yet again I love the bright colours and it makes the toy so appealing to look at. 

I would highly recommend these toys to anybody looking to purchase a toy for their children or friends children. They are great to play with, fun and they learn as they play which is brilliant. 

They even look good with our toy room theme of bright colours! 

Overall we were very impressed with Fisher Price’s new range and we loved each toy just as much!



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