Serious question, who would decide to have cream carpets in the same house as two young children? Someone very stupid you may say… Yes that stupid person is me! Why would I ever think it would be a brilliant idea? Cream carpets are lovely I thought, they brighten up the room, make them look bigger and go with most looks I wanted to achieve in the house. That was until several muddy footprints, food and drinks and baby sick were chucked in the mix and things took a turn for the worse.

Each day I was walking around the house looking at the grubby carpet by the front door and it was getting me down. I hated having people in the house because the carpets just looked so grubby that I knew I had to do something. That’s when I got a message from the lovely people at the rug doctor and was asked if I wanted to review and trial out their carpet cleaning machine and I obviously jumped at the chance. The whole process of speaking to them and receiving the rug doctor was super speedy and they are lovely.

Why is the Rug Doctor so special?

‘No other rental brand or domestic carpet cleaner can compare to the Rug Doctor.
Rug Doctor has the power to get to the dirt that others leave behind!’

How does it work you ask?


Outstanding results when cleaning carpets start with the use of Rug Doctor. All you need to do is mix carpet detergents mixed with hot tap water.

To deep clean, you must inject into the pile an adequate volume of cleaning solution. So that the dirt can be the detergent solution and allowing it to act as a rinsing agent.


Rug Doctor’s unique vibrating brush has an oscillating motion. The brush gets deep down the fibres of the carpet pile. This will loosen tough ground-in dirt and grime.

At the same time, it leaves the carpet pile fluffed up and raised. The powerful vacuum can then do its job in extracting the dirty liquid and start the drying process.


Powerful vacuuming extraction is essential to effective cleaning. Without it, dirt and excessive moisture is left behind.

Rug Doctor’s powerful vacuuming action is essential to give effective cleaning. 80% of the cleaning solutions are extracted during the cleaning process leaving most carpets and upholstery dry within two hours.

Fill a clean household bucket with nine litres of hot tap water. Don’t use water that is hot enough to burn or scald the skin. Only use luke warm water only for wool carpets.

Remove the recovery tank then Pour 150mls of Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent or Rug Doctor Pet Formula Detergent directly into the bottom red base tank of the machine. It’s about half a coffee mug full.
Top up the red base tank with the hot water until it reaches half way up the mesh filter. Only use luke warm water for wool carpets. For heavily soiled carpets you may double the concentration. Do not put detergent into the top white recovery tank.

Put the white recovery tank back on and push the white rocker switch on top of the machine over to ‘CARPET CLEANING’ and off you go, clean away!!!

Watch the magic in front of your eyes, press the spray button while holding the machine tilted back a little, when you see the liquid being sprayed from the side of the machine slowly lower the rug doctor back to the carpet and pull the machine backwards. Carry on pulling the machine backwards while continuously pressing the red spray button.

You can see the tank filling up with dirty water so when completed, take the tank off (turn the machine off first) and pour the water down the sink while trying not look at how disgusting the colour of the water is.

So now, I am guessing you want to see the before and after photos….. It pains me to do this but this is what the carpet was like beforehand (kids kids kids!)

and after…..

Look at the difference it is brilliant right? Me and Will loved watching the rug doctor in action and watching the dirt being sucked up and disappearing was lovely. It was actually very therapeutic. So do I rate the rug doctor and would I rent it myself? Yes I would. I would recommend it to anybody  who was looking at sprucing up their carpet maybe after it had been attacked by kids, food and what not. It really does what it says on the tin and I am very happy with the difference in my carpet after only one use.

They also offer an on call service where they send people to come and clean your carpet for you which I think is great. There are only a few areas available for this service at the moment and to see if you are one of them click here.

If you want to get your hands on the Rug Doctor which I would highly recommend then click here to find out more. You can also give them a follow on instagram, twitter and facebook.





  1. Holly Patterson
    June 29, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Wow, I’m going to rent one for sure now! I was very hesitant a first but your results are great!!

  2. July 15, 2017 / 4:05 pm

    I LOVE a good carpet cleaner – we use the rug doctor products for spills etc! x

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