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McDonald’s is a place I often visit frequently with the boys so when I got an email asking if I wanted to head on down to their Cardiff store to see the changes they have made over the years I jumped at the chance. Josh wasn’t very happy he couldn’t come with me and did ask me to bring him home a happy meal!

Firstly we spoke to a few of the McDonald’s team about the changes they have had over the years and then we headed off out the back to get kitted out in our own uniform! I was so excited to put on an apron, my own cap and I even got a name badge! (All I could think at that moment was how excited Josh was going to be when I took these home!) Once we were dressed up to McDonald’s standards off we headed to have a look around.


We were shown the tablets which I had already used before to keep Josh entertained! I hadn’t really looked further in to them as he had always used them without needing my help. You can also use them for social media, locate other McDonald’s and to find out exactly what is in the food you are eating.

We were then shown the Order Kiosks which I use on a regular basis and thought I knew everything you needed to know about them, but they also have a accessibility option that brings the menu down the screen and a lot smaller for wheelchair users and kids to be able to order themselves which I think is brilliant. Although I think I would have to watch Josh while he was doing this as he would order the entire menu and shed loads of ice cream if he had the choice!

The kiosks also allow you to make changes to your order as we all know not everybody likes gherkins! You can add and remove certain ingredients to create the meal you really want, and you can also look at the calories and nutritional information on each item. They also said that since launching the kiosk they have sold a lot more salads instead of chips as people can now see the food they offer easily and in front of them as you don’t feel as rushed as you would making a decision when you’re at the till point.

Did you also know they do table service in most stores now? You can choose which zone you are sitting in and they will bring your order freshly cooked over to your table. As easy as that! If you had work to get on with, or didn’t want to wait around by the tills with your children this is such a brilliant idea for you and they really have thought of everything for the customers.

Using the McDonald’s app on your phone you can now pre order your food before you even get in store! All you then do is scan the QR code on the wall (located by the checkouts) so they know you have arrived and your food will be freshly made. This service has just launched and I can’t wait to test it out!

On to the kitchen we went to see how our food is made and this was something I was really looking forward to.  I know how hard working in McDonald’s is as my brother used to work for them many years ago. He told me it was the job that taught him the most and he really enjoyed it! It is fast paced and they all really know what they are doing. The kitchen works in a conveyor belt system where two burgers were made at a time and each person had their job which made it run like clock work. They also told us that the meat will never be longer than 15 minutes old as they are constantly cooking fresh and anything thats been longer than 15 minutes will be thrown out. Hands washed and it was now our turn to try out the system and make our own big macs!

A big mac meal is what I always order when I come to McDonald’s so to say I was excited about making my own was an understatement. One of the employees showed us how to make one step by step and then we got our chance to work the magic! It is honestly so fast paced and I really do have such respect for McDonald’s workers as they really do work so hard to provide fresh food for us. My big mac turned out brilliant if I do say so myself and we even got to eat them after!

I had such a lovely time meeting everyone at McDonald’s and experiencing the changes they have made for the better so thanks for the invite guys! I now feel I will appreciate my food a lot more knowing the hard work it takes to make it for us.

Lastly, look at how happy Josh is with his new uniform! He is always watching videos on youtube of children pretending to work at McDonald’s and taking peoples orders so now that he is fully kitted out to own his own McDonald’s he is so happy. So not only am I impressed he is too! He honestly thinks I am some sort of super hero now and he wants to work in McDonald’s when he is older! PS sorry for your McDonald’s cravings right about now…


What do you order when you go to McDonald’s? Did you realise how much has changed over the years?


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  1. Jane morris
    July 10, 2017 / 12:52 pm

    Sounds like big changes, I can’t wait to go down now and see if you ben I can work it all out!

    • Jane morris
      July 10, 2017 / 12:54 pm

      ?Predicted text….. I can’t wait to go down now and see if even I can work it all out!!!

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