Starting school is a scary time for most children and their parents! Leaving your little ones for the first time without you can be really daunting.

As Josh has already done reception I know what it’s like, and I know how annoying it is for us mums when they come home without a certain item of clothing, a school bag (even once minus a shoe!) I wasn’t very organised last year and I hadn’t stuck his name on any of his things which meant I had to re buy so much which was so costly!

Thats where Nametags4u came along and I was amazed at the products they thought of to help parents with labelling school items. There are so many different options you for you to chose from and I was luckily sent the sticky super tag labels and the stampaname. I couldn’t wait to be organised this year and start naming all of his school items. 

I decided to use the stampaname on all of his clothing items, his polos, his jumpers and his trousers. I was amazed at how clear it printed his name on each item and I know from reviews it stays put wash after wash.

‘Whether you have just one child or several, this is the perfect product for very quick and easy labelling. The MultiStamp allows you to have up to 4 names on the same stamp – one on each side.

Buy the Stamp and Ink Pad kit for £15 and then £5 for each name printed.

The ink pad is filled with washable textile ink that goes through the wash. It will label hundreds of items and doesn’t wash off.  If the ink ever runs out you can just buy a new ink pad.

One MultiStamp will last the whole of the your children’s school lives!  Just don’t lose it !!

As the ink is black it doesn’t show up on black clothing but you can stamp onto care labels inside clothes.’


How good is it that you can add more than one name to the stamp if you need to. It lasts for ages as it will stamp 100’s of items before the ink runs out, but even when it does the refill pad is so cheap to replace and you can still carry on using the same stamp which is so handy as I am sure you will be labelling 1000’s of items throughout their school life time. I have washed his items a few times to see if the ink gets any lighter and it hasn’t budged and still looks the same.


On to my favourite item, the sticky name tags! You can even personalise them with your children’s picture which I thought was amazing. Josh loves it and said it is very cool and easy to spot out his items as his face will now be on there. This is the perfect idea for little ones starting nursery or reception who struggle to read their name as they will see their face (or you can also pick a picture or icon like listed below)

‘Super-cool and Super-Sticky, these name tags are very robust and will stick to just about anything.  Dishwasher and steriliser-proof they go on bottles, lunch boxes, beakers, as well as on pens, pencils, books, bags and inside shoes. They will even stick to most care labels found in clothing and go through the wash.  A fantastically easy way of labelling everything in one go!

Bright and glossy they can be printed in black and white or full colour, with pictures – or even with your own photo.

When using the labels in shoes some people like to buy the Clear Label Protectors to put over the labels.’

The fact that these labels are dish washer safe and can even go though the wash is brilliant. Like I said before Josh has even lost a shoe in school before and I hadn’t even thought about labelling his school shoes so I am very impressed that these can be stuck inside shoes to. I think I will be labelling every shoe he owns as he has quite a few pairs. Josh has been begging me to use these stickers since we received them and proudly put one on the front of his t shirt so he could show everyone his name with a photo of himself!

They also do other products including;

Iron on super tag labels Easy fix clip on labels Sew on name labels Name tags for the military  Address labels Label protectors  Laundry pen’s Blank iron on labels

and you can even purchase the Supatag school pack (which includes 52 iron on labels and 52 stick on labels)

I honestly couldn’t recommend Nametags4u enough they have thought of everything when it comes to labelling up your children’s clothing which thankfully takes the stress of us. They are very affordable with high quality products and if that wasn’t enough they have even given me a discount code you can use on your next purchase which will make them even cheaper! You just need to add hannah10 at the checkout to receive your special discount.

You can also join the other 64 thousand people who love them and follow them over on facebook.

*I was kindly sent these items for review, all opinions are 100% honest.

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