Bijou Garden Additions That’ll Rock Your World

If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade your family garden, you’ll know that it’s the little touches that count. Any gardener worth their salt will tell you that. Gardens need focal points that help to bring everything together and give the space purpose. Here are some bijou garden additions for you and your family to enjoy.

A Petite Summer House

Summer houses first became a thing back in the 19th century. But there’s no need to stick with a Victorian design. Today’s summer houses can be practically any shape you want. Many families are now opting for more functional, modern spaces, which blend into the garden while providing contrast to the rest of the surroundings.

Garden Sculptures

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Sculptures aren’t just the preserve of manor houses and country estates – they’re something regular families, like yours, can implement in their own garden designs. Sculptures are perfect for parents with artistic leanings and who enjoy the effect that man-made items can have on the natural beauty of their surroundings.

The great thing about sculptures is that you don’t have to stick with just one. You can curate your own collection to add stunning beauty to your garden and complement the wildlife.

Dining Patio

To really take advantage of a garden, people need a reason to go out and use it. And what better reason to use your outdoor space than to make it a place to eat your meals? Not only will you need a dining table, but you’ll also want a covered patio area to keep the elements out.


The good news is that thanks to paving centres, it’s easier than ever to get ideas for dining patios. Practically every outlet offers showcases for what homeowners can achieve with the right approach.

Add Colorful Touches

Gardens are all about colour. But whereas the wildlife changes colour throughout the seasons, giving each part of the year a unique feel, man-made elements don’t. Because of this, they can be used to complement your landscaping, no matter what the season.

You can add colourful accents to your garden in numerous ways. One of the simplest is to add bright cushions to your outdoor furniture (just make sure that they’re waterproof!)

Elevated Terrace

Decking has become wildly popular in recent years, thanks to its incredible ability to increase the available space in the garden and to make it more livable. Decking can be used for practically any purpose, whether it’s for an outdoor dining room, kitchen or just storage space. Most decking options, for instance, come with options to keep garden items in specials chests out of the wind and rain.

Decking is also ideal for entertaining guests during the summer months. It provides the perfect, non-muddy flooring for you and your family to have people over to enjoy the fine weather.

To make the most of your elevated decking, remember to surround it tastefully with plants and wildlife. Ideally, it should feel like a place from which you can survey your garden and enjoy the natural beauty that it provides.



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