Fun For Everyone! Enjoying Time With Your Kids That Isn’t Just Fun For Them


We all struggle from time to time to spend some good quality time with our children, and it can be even more difficult when we are busy in our day-to-day lives. Every parent in a two parent family tends to work now, and so it’s only the weekends where everyone is free for some quality fun time as a family. But as the kids usually take priority over the parents, we get left in the lurch and are reduced to the job of being a glorified taxi service. So what can we do to get some brownie points with the kids, while also having some fun ourselves? Here are some ideas.

Food Nights

Believe it or not, not many families sit down and have a meal together anymore. One of the parents is normally working a night shift or is stuck in traffic for so long they missed the meal altogether. So what better way to spend some quality time as a family but also eating something that everybody will enjoy? As we all know, children are notoriously fussy with their food. So why don’t you all sit down as a family and have that treat night together? Whether it is from the chip shop, or going out for a good quality family meal? If you’ve got kids young enough, try and find somewhere with a play park, or a ball pool. That way you can, at least, have some quality time with your partner too while the kids mess around.

Go Somewhere Playful

And not even just playful, an activity centre or somewhere with plenty of fun family activities like trampolining, climbing walls, or even somewhere like go-karting will please the child within us. At least when you’re embarking on a bit of play, for you as a parent, the everyday stresses can seep away for a short period of time. And besides, the children will have a whale of a time!

Play Their Games

You know you’ve been intrigued by your children’s Minecraft worlds, or have been secretly wanting to get involved in their Pok√©mon game for some time, so why don’t you chance it and ask them if you can sit down and play with them? The chances are that they’re not going to say no now, are they? And besides, by showing willing to do something that they like so much, you will get an infinite amount of brownie points.

Watch Some TV With Them

Now, you’ve probably tried to find many ways to avoid watching your kid’s terrible TV shows, but there are some fantastic shows out there that will make some quality time with your children a bit more bearable than sitting down for an episode of Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol! There are some great shows like Adventure Time, Horrible Histories, and even cartoons like Rugrats on Netflix! It may be the thing to stop you looking at your social media accounts and actually spend some good quality time with your children!

It’s not hard to try and find things that you will enjoy as well as your children, but they are surprisingly few and far between! So keep your eye out, but also make sure that it’s about the children first and foremost.


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