Mini Minimalism: Keeping Things Minimalist in the Nursery

The idea of a minimalist nursery might sound a little crazy. Babies can quickly build up a lot of stuff, after all, and keeping it all under control isn’t easy. But a minimalist nursery can help you to keep things clean and tidy when you’re too busy looking after your little one to clean up. By keeping your nursery to a minimal design, it can easily grow with your baby or remain the perfect place for a new little one if you decide to have more. Try these tips for a minimalist nursery so you can have every area of your home and life in order.

Set a Budget

To avoid going overboard on your nursery, you might like to start by setting a budget. It will force you to stick to a set amount to spend, whether it comes from your savings or money you borrow. If you do decide to borrow money using a homeowner loans direct lender, think carefully about the impact it will have on your finances. You don’t want it to clutter up your life. If you’re going for a minimal look, you might be able to keep things cheap. But you still might want to invest in some solid items that will last, especially if you want them for multiple children.

Think Flexibly

When you want to keep things minimal, it’s always smart to think about how every item you include can pull its weight. If something is able to perform two functions at once or convert into something else, it’s worth considering for your minimalist nursery. You might want to look at convertible cots that you can turn into a toddler bed. However, it can also be wise to just choose something simple and solid, especially if you’re planning on more kids. Look for furniture that does two jobs at once, like seating that also serves as storage, so you can make the most of the space you have.

Keep It to Necessities

Think carefully about what you really need in your nursery, and do your research. Ask other parents and find resources to see what they really used in their baby’s first year. A changing table, for example, could turn out to be completely unnecessary. A changing mat takes up much less room, it’s portable, and you can use it anywhere. A bottle warmer could turn out to be completely pointless. A few accessories to keep the room from looking too plain could be good, but don’t overdo it.

Get Smart with Storage

When you have a baby, it’s hard to stop the tidal wave of gifts. You end up with more clothes, toys, and books than your baby will ever realistically need. Being clever with storage will allow you to store everything neatly away and make the most of the things you have. If you put most things out of sight, you can rotate what you have in use. This keeps things interesting and helps you make sure you get some use out of everything.

There’s no reason your nursery can’t have a minimalist design if the rest of your home has one. Just plan it out beforehand and think of the best ways to use the space.


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