Going back to school has been a bit hard for Josh entering year one. He really has struggled getting back in to that routine and has found it extremely hard moving from reception up to year one. He tells me they haven’t got as many toys to play with and he has to ‘work too much’ I didn’t want to tell him that is what happens when you grow up! (bless his little socks!)

Something that has definitely got better the last few weeks is his reading. I honestly can’t get over the difference its amazing! He comes home from school and the first thing he wants to do is read his books to me or Will (or anybody who will listen and praise him – which is lovely and so nice to see)


Starting school last year Josh was so excited to have his own book bag to carry home his homework, work that he had done in school and his books to read that weekend that I knew when I saw these personalised ones from Lulaboosx he just had to have one. As soon as he saw it with his name on the front and in his schools colours (and also his favourite colour blue) he was so excited.


They are made so well and are very sturdy. He loves that it has his name on the front and couldn’t wait to show his friends. I love how bright the blue is and the font used for his name is big. As soon as he saw it he said ‘oh my gosh mum it has my name on it, please can I take it to school’ The smile beamed on his face and he was very excited to get up for school (which makes a change)


She also included this lovely matching pencil case which he was so pleased with.  As they have started to write more, and do a lot more work in year one he loves taking his pencil case to school. The material again is fantastic, and the zip doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap in the slightest (I have broke my fair share of pencil cases when I was in school) I love the way it looks with his name on the front which also means he shouldn’t lose it or another child won’t be able to take it home and use it at least. I am so pleased he has taken such an interest in writing as the teacher said it is very unusual for a boy to want to sit in the corner and just write his day away.

She also does matching PE kit bags which I am really tempted to get as who doesn’t love matching everything. You really need to check out her Instagram page she is currently in the process of making a website which I cannot wait to see. Check out a few of her other amazing designs below as she has such a lovely range to choose from, and with christmas coming up they really would make the perfect gift. I really love personalised items as they are a very thoughtful present which everyone loves to receive. She also does clothes, bags, make up bags and she even does super hero capes! They all come in a variety of colours and even sparkle and glitter writing.


How perfect would these be for a newborn baby gift?


I have also just noticed she has started doing christmas stockings and christmas sacks! They are amazing and you really do need them in your life.

Please go and check out her page, and ask her any questions you may have as she is lovely and will answer them straight away. Click here to go and see her wonderful products.

*We were sent these products in exchange for a review but all views are 100% honest.



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