Educational Quizzes review

Joshua loves to learn, which is always a good thing right? He spends every evening at the table either writing or drawing and is always proud of himself when he learns something new. Something he also loves is his Ipad (well it’s Will’s but he’s basically adopted it as his own, sorry Will) so when you put these things together he’s in a children’s ‘learning heaven’.


When I was asked if we wanted to try out the Educational Quizzes website we jumped at the chance. Josh struggles with certain subjects but he really does try so hard. When I told him all about Educational Quizzes he was so excited to have a look and get stuck in. The quizzes range from KS1 right through to GCSE level (that seems so far away but I bet it will fly around!).
The website is written by school teachers who follow the current school curricular which makes this site the absolute best to learn from.

 It is very easy to use, both for parents and children. Joshua see’s the activities as games. He enjoys completing them so much, he doesn’t even realise he is learning. Each question lights up green when your answer is correct. Joshua was so eager to get each answer correct he would come running to show me each time he did so. I have never seen him looking so proud of himself! It was lovely to watch him scrolling through and seeing the proud smile on his face.

Educational quizzes say that their main objective is to help children be successful in school. The subscription is £9.95 a month which I think is brilliant as there is such a variety of quizzes from age 5 all the way through to age 17! The subscription can also be cancelled at any time as there is no contract so if you no longer need it any more, or don’t find it useful (which I am 100% sure that won’t be the case) you can cancel straight away. They also have a parent 999 page which helps parents refresh their memory on certain subjects so they can help their children learn to the best of their ability. They are really interested in promoting their website to schools and say that depending on the number of students at the school it is possible for them to sign up students for as little as £2 a year!! The teachers can then use all the tools in the classroom with their students, as can parents at home – win win situation.

I even asked my cousin who is studying for his GCSE’s to have a go and he enjoyed it too!

Thank you for letting us have a trial of your website, Josh really enjoyed using Educational Quizzes and we would highly recommend subscribing.


*this is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own.




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