Doesn’t every one love Christmas? The shopping, the food, being surrounded by family and the presents! I love christmas shopping, looking around all the shops in the cold with all the christmas lights lit up around you there really isn’t anything as magical.

One of my favourite things to do is to shop small. Finding different brands and shops all across instagram, facebook and etsy. When you buy from these people who are usually working really hard in the comfort of their homes up all hours finishing orders you really help them. I can see them doing a happy dance every time they receive an order. I love knowing that I am helping people like myself (mums, dads with young families) to earn money through what they love doing and turning their wish in to a reality.



I am totally in love with this illustration. She was so helpful and listened to everything that I wanted. I asked for Josh’s Mickey to be included as he adores him and I love the finished look. Josh thinks its brilliant as do I. She is very talented and clearly works so hard with her customers to come up with ideas on what to use and how to create the perfect illustration. I am so happy with it that I can’t wait to use it on my blog and social media accounts. I also can’t wait to display the print in my house, it was sent out as soon as she made it and the quality is brilliant. You really need to go and get a slot with her and create the perfect illustration. Go and give her a follow you won’t be disappointed and go and look through all the other amazing illustrations she has created here.



Dressing Freddie up is one of my favourite things to do, especially now Josh is in full time school and the majority of time is in his school uniform (or football kits!) I received these leggings and matching bib from her halloween collection and the quality is fantastic. They are really thick, warm and so comfortable. They don’t feel cheap in the slightest like other brands I have come across, and they wash brilliantly. The bib feels so luxurious that it would definitely be an added essential to keep him warm in the colder months. Overall I am very impressed with this set and would reccomend giving her page a like and purchasing some for yourself . (click here)



Love love love this t shirt. I paired with the halloween leggings and they look perfect together. I would put it on him all year round mind and not just for halloween. The quality is lovely and as Freddie is such a mucky pup it has been through the wash countless times already and always comes out in perfect shape and condition. (you know some small business brands miss shape after the first wash which is so disappointing.) I love her range so much, the leggings, t shirts, hoodies and she even has a collection for mum’s and dad’s. She is the loveliest lady and has an army of boys to look after all while working on her brand too! A real hard worker and it shows in all her items. Please go and give her a follow as her clothes are lovely and I can’t wait to match the boys (and even myself) up in more of her range check it out here.



These leggings are one of my favourite pairs he owns. The print is so bright and boyish and I adore them. They are super stretchy which I love as they slide over his chunky legs perfectly (sorry Freddie) and they surprisingly match so many outfits. The main reason I love leggings so much is they are ridiculously comfortable for them to crawl/run/play around in, yet they still look perfect and completely on trend. I love her entire range and can’t wait to get my hands on more. Look how happy Freddie looks in them they are lovely. They have also washed really well and are just as bright as they were when we received them. They also do a range of mumma’s leggings which I 100% need to invest in as I would happily run around after Freddie all day if I was as comfortable as he is! Go and give her page here a follow and treat you or your children!



Picking these tops wasn’t hard at all! I laughed so much over Freddie’s as he is definitely more than I bargained for! He is such a monkey compared to his big brother. They are both so soft and stretchy that I wasn’t even worried when I put them in the wash as they came out looking brand new! The quality is fantastic. I love all of her range so much that I want to own a full collection. You can tell she works really hard on the designs and they were with me the day after we spoke talk about a speedy service! Perfect quality tops and funny designs what more can you want in children’s clothing? Go and give her page a follow and invest your hard earned cash! (click here)



Another funny one to add to the collection! The second photo really makes me laugh as I tried to take his crisps off him for the photo and he clearly wasn’t impressed which proves how true this t shirt is. I love the shiny writing on this top it really finishes off the design perfectly. Her range is completely full of wonderful designs and slogans that I need every design she has come up with. A range full of hoodies, t shirts and rompers you really are spoilt for choice. She is such a lovely girl too and has only recently started this brand and is already doing fantastic because she has worked so hard. I can’t wait to add more to the boys collection. The quality yet again is lovely, and as he covered the top in food it has come up perfect in the wash. Go and give her a follow here you won’t be disappointed in her range I promise.



What can I say about this tepee other than me and Josh are in love. It fits in with his room theme so perfectly and it has been made with such quality that it is very sturdy and would be extremely hard to break. Josh is always inside there either playing with his toys, reading his books, hiding from his brother he really does so much inside his ‘secret hiding space’ He lines up all of his cars inside, his avenger figures and pretends they live inside he really does love it. Whenever he has new friends come over the first thing he wants to do is show them his tepee, then all the mums love me as their little ones want one for their rooms too (sorry guys but they are 100% worth the money!) She has an amazing range of tepees on her website, she even has a reduced sections for the tepees that need a home straight away. I honestly can’t praise her enough as it is so lovely and has really finished off his room. Please go and look at her page here.



This little christmas tote bag is so pretty isn’t it? I have already taken it out on my shopping trips and can’t wait to use it all the way up till christmas. The detail that has gone in to this bag is incredible, the glitter  and colours are so pretty and sparkly which is very christmasy. I am a massive lover of christmas and a massive lover of shopping too (sorry Will) and the amount of times I forget bags and have to purchase them is a nightmare. I make sure I always carry this around and had a few people asking me where they could get their hands on one! She does a lovely range of other designs too so please go and give her page a like here.



What a brilliant idea this is. I have struggled getting Josh to read with me lately as all he wants to do before bed is watch Toy Story! He used to love reading books when he was younger and we used to read for hours and I really miss it. When I saw this I thought it has to be worth a shot as what little boy (or girl) wouldn’t want to read a book based on them. You create how you want the character to look, and write use their name all the way throughout the book. Josh was amazed when I showed him as was I and I really need to get one done for Freddie too. Their website (click here) is really easy to follow and the book arrived within two days!



I really struggle finding presents for my mum as she is quite difficult to buy for. Other than clothes, perfume and the other obvious presents what is there to buy? This is why I love personalised presents so much. One of my mums favourite presents I have bought for her before was a personalised frame so I know she will love this. She loves displaying things like this in her house and I really do love the way this frame looks. The colour chosen is beautiful and the detailing in the flowers really pops out. The frame doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest and is actually really sturdy and heavy which is good as I hate flimsy things that won’t last long. To check out all of her other designs please take a look at her page here.



Jewellery is one of my favourite gifts to receive and to purchase for other people. I will always get the females in my family, or my friends a piece of jewellery to go with their present. Every one loves wearing bracelets and having new arm candy right? Then look no further as this beautiful little shop really does the cutest range of jewellery. My mum would love this (I hope she isn’t peeking as this will be wrapped up for her too!) and I can’t wait to see her wearing it. It feels lovely and all the little detailing really is stunning. The choice of colours in the beads are gorgeous, and I really love the wrap around look bracelets. Treat the females in your life and shop her range here.



My favourite type of frame as I think they are so clever and look so lovely. I love how they have used items from the outside to create a beautiful personalised gift. How happy would you be if you received one of these? I know I would be. The thought and work that has gone in to making them, I would proudly hang this up in my home. The frame feels nice and heavy and really sturdy. I am really excited to give this to my auntie as I know she will love it as much as I do. I now really want one, so no hints Will but please can you order me one too? Check out her page here and get one for yourself (or a family member you want to impress this year!)



As you all know we are going to Disney in two weeks and I am so excited. Disney is so magical, one of my favourite places in the world (I have only been to florida mind so this will be my first time in disneyland Paris) so this frame will look perfect on my wall behind my dressing table. Any disney fan needs this, it looks classic, completely chic and would really finish off any makeup/dressing room perfectly. I love the pearl and jewel she has used to finish off the frame as it does beautifully. She said that this is her best selling frame and I can see why. Any girl of any age that loves disney? Treat them to one of these (shop here) How cute would it look in a little girls nursery?



Presents like these are always so lovely to receive. Simple and effective and super cheap too. They would make a brilliant secret santa gift as they are in the price range, and is very thoughtful. I have a few of these scattered around my home and they really finish of the decoration. You really can’t go wrong, they look lovely, don’t feel flimsy or cheap and will put a smile on the face of the person you gift it too. (shop here)



My favourite ever instagram shop! I think I own every single design she has made for both the boys because I absolutely love them. They wash brilliantly (they have been washed so many times!) they fit perfect and we get so many compliments when they boys are wearing them. I love shops with a completely different range than the usual clothing you get for kids. Now to order all the designs in long sleeve as I can’t be without them in the winter. They match every pair of leggings the boys own which is great as I hate deciding what to put with tops so they are always an easy favourite choice in the wardrobe. Please go and give her a follow and look at her completely affordable, brilliant range here.



So how bloody adorable is this dressing gown? I popped a photo up on facebook earlier of him in this and had so many messages asking where it was from. What baby doesn’t need a personalised dressing gown? White is so beautiful too, completely unisex and would make the perfect present. If you have any baby or toddler in your family (or even your own kids) you need to treat them to one of these. They are so cosy, and every time I put Freddie in his he snuggles down in to the hood and its the sweetest thing. It keeps him lovely and warm in these horrible cold winter months and he looks super cute which is always an added bonus right? Go and buy yours here.



Look at this design! So bright, colourful and completely out there which is just what I love when I am on the lookout for new leggings. I love cats as soon as I moved out the first thing I wanted was to buy a cat (which we did and I love him!) so this is the perfect print for us. I showed Freddie these leggings when they arrived and he starts excitingly clapping while shout CAT so its safe to say he loves them as much as I do. She does such a lovely range of clothing for kids, rompers and leggings and all the fabrics she uses are all lovely. If I could own her entire range I would be one happy mummy. You really need to go and check out her page here and get a few things for your little ones as they are ridiculously comfortable and completely on trend.



Lastly, but certainly not least this beautiful christmas print. It made me laugh when I got this in the post as it had Hannah Morris on the front (me and Will aren’t married yet) and Will was like ugh what is this? Look how sweet it is. The bow adds a perfect touch, the glitter on the reindeer and The Morris’s shines so lovely and it looks really posh! The baubles look so realistic too. It would look lovely framed with all of your christmas decorations so that is definitely my next job. I can’t wait to have it up (well actually I have left it up since taking this photo) near Christmas. I want to get them for all my family now too as it would make a lovely little pre christmas gift don’t you think? Get your own personalised christmas print and check out her full range here.


I have loved working with all these guys for this guide and I am so grateful to of received all the items in exchange for this christmas gift guide. I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing this and it has given you some ideas for presents close to christmas xoxo


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  1. Jane morris
    November 17, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    Brill, I’ve got some great gift ideas for Christmas now as I always find it hard to find things that are a bit different, and I’ll enjoy looking through the different sites as well as your links are so easy to follow.

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