Pre-Party Preparations You Need To Prioritize

When it comes to planning your little one’s birthday, you may feel as if you have a lot to get done. Whether you’re having a small tea party for the family, or you’re planning on throwing a big event for everyone you know, there are certain things that you need to cover off. But some things are always more important than others. And there’s always so much to do to get a party ready; it can feel as if you’re forever stressing about something. So this is where this post comes in!

If you want to make sure you can get through the party planning process without too much stress, then you need to do two things. The first is make a list, and we’re about to work through that with you now. The second is to have priorities. Because when you prioritize some of the hardest parts of pre-party preparations, everything seems to much easier to arrange.

The Venue

First of all, you’re going to want to think of the right location to host the party. This is often something that can take a lot of planning and preparations. Because you have to find somewhere that’s going to be easy for your guests to get to, be able to hold the amount of people that you want to invite, and even be suitable for the kind of birthday party that you’re looking to host too.

The Guest List

When you’ve finalized the venue, the next step is to get the guest list right. For some, this will be quite simple – especially if your child is school age and you’re just looking to invite their entire class. If you’ve got friends with children, they’re easy to invite too – along with any members of your family. But you still need to get a list together so that you know how many people you’re planning everything else for.

The Invitations

With the guest list all figured out, you can then think about writing out the invitations. And this can be quite fun. You should look to find the right kind of invites, like those from Pure Invitation, that you can tailor for the event. If you’re someone that loves to keep everything in the same theme, then you should definitely make sure you can get the right style made to fit with your party ideas.

The Decorations

Next up, decorations. Again, this can be quite simple or more complex, depending on the look that you’re going for. This is also an area that you can arrange quite early on. When you are working with a theme, you can often get your balloons, streamers, table decorations and more in that theme, which can often make it all come together quite nicely.

The Seating

Then, you need to get the dining arrangements in place. Whether you’re hosting a sporting style party, or more of a summer fete in the back yard, you’re going to need somewhere to serve food from and then also somewhere for everyone to sit. So you need to be able to figure out how many adult and children sized seats you need and order them in or collate them together from what you have.

The Cake

You’re also going to want to think about the food that you’re serving, and more importantly – the birthday cake! If you are getting a caterer to do the food, you might want to order the cake from them too – and again, go to town and get it themed. But if you’re making it yourself, there are lots of exciting birthday cake recipes that you could work with.

The Entertainment

Depending on the kind of party that you’re looking to pull together, you may also want to think about the entertainment that you’re going to put on. You could even think about matching your entertainment idea to your theme. Whether it’s music and a disco, or face painting and a clown, you should be able to put on a good show to keep the kids entertained and make sure your child has a great party too.

The Goodie Bags

Finally, you’ve also got the goodie bags to think about. And this is another of the areas that you can look to get organized quite early on in the party planning process. Idea wise, these could be something classic like sweetie bags for them all, or it could work with your theme – like a football for a sporting party, or a set of face paints for a circus themed party.



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