Love Layla – Christmas edition

You all know that I love Love Layla. Whenever there is a birthday or special occasion I find it quite entertaining flicking through their website to find a funny and abusive card for my friends or family. Luckily most of my friends have the same sense of humour as me and wouldn’t be offended, they just laugh as much as I do when reading them.

Christmas is fast approaching so rather than buying the same old traditional christmas cards, why not go for something that’ll make you and your friends or family laugh? It makes christmas that extra bit fun.

I was sent a selection of cards that gave me the giggles and I can’t wait to send them out.

Love Layla doesn’t just do cards, there is a variety of things you can buy. I really like the wine labels which is a new addition on the website. I can’t wait to stick the ‘Here’s your christmas spirit’ label on my uncles bottle of wine! She has millions to chose from and they make a bottle of wine that tad more exciting and it really looks like you have made that extra bit of effort.

The range of merchandise this year has increased which I am extremely happy about. I can’t wait to wrap my brothers present’s up in this paper! (if you want free christmas paper then add the code LOVEWRAP when you buy 3 cards!) I love jokingly offending people so finding a website like Love Layla made me a little too excited. Love Layla offers such a wide variety of cards for every occasion. They range from mild offensive to damn right hilarious. The badges also crack me up and she has an amazing offer on them at the moment, if you enter the code LOVEBADGES you can get 6 for £12.

Also if you add the code LOVEXMAS this will get you 5 christmas cards for £12.50

I am far too excited about the new calendar  on the website. I am always on the lookout at the end of the year for a calendar as my memory is terrible so I need to jot down all my plans. Usually I get one that matches the kitchen but this one was too funny to leave. Flicking through month by month had me and will in stitches.

This would make a brilliant present for a friend or family member who has a sense of humour. You can even get one free when purchasing three cards and adding the code LOVECAL at checkout. Three funny cards to send out in the christmas period and a free calendar that will have you laughing all year round, what are you waiting for?

I didn’t want to ruin the surprise and take a photo of every month but these are a few of my favourites. With her super quick delivery, high quality products and new designs every week I will never use another website when buying cards ever again. She really does have it all and I know lots of my friends and family use her website so she has gained lots of valued customers which she really deserves.

With the wide range of cards, wrapping paper, badges, wine labels, calendars, balloons and glitter shitter cards (these are hilarious) you will definitely find something you need when visiting her website. If you have any questions she will surely answer them for you (click here)

Please check out her website here you won’t be disappointed.



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