Disney Land Paris Tips

After four nights and five days in the park I have come back from disney land paris wanting to go straight back I really do have the disney blues.

I thought I would write a post up on some of the things I learnt from going to disney and what I would do if I was to go back.

If you go in the christmas/winter period;

Pack lipbalm – my lips were so chapped and sore from the cold

Layers layers layers – seriously layer up it is bloody freezing!! Me and the boys wore thermals and packed on the layers and we benefited from them so much. I highly reccomend thermals they were a complete god send and kept us all lovely and toasty. I covered the boys in layers and they didn’t complain of being cold once (well until they kept pulling the gloves off why do kids hate gloves?)

Hand warmers would of been amazing I really wish I had packed some (my friend did and she said they were an amazing help)

Gloves, scarfs, hats are 100% essential. Blankets for the kids, cosy toes for the pram and winter snow suits for the babies.



Ring and book your meals 60 days before you are due to travel to avoid disappointment of being turned away from a fully booked up restaurant (the number is 0033-160-304050) We didn’t actually do this but I wish that I had, as I felt under pressure to eat tea really early (around 4/430pm) to ensure we would get a table and all be able to eat together.

If you want to see the parades and get a decent view, head to the ride its a small world around 30 minutes before.

If you have children 6 and under I would really consider taking a stroller. It is a lot of walking we averaged around 17-19 thousand steps a day – and for little legs that is a hell of a lot more! It just saves the constant moaning because their little feet and legs are aching which will make the experience a lot more enjoyable for you and them. Josh actually did really well, but towards the afternoon he was knackered from the walking and would have a rest in Freddie’s pram!

If you are staying in a disney hotel make use of the magic hours between 8-10 in the morning. Use these hours to go on the busier rides, and to do the meet and greets because as soon as the park opens it gets so much busier and the queues are so much longer.



Wear sensible footwear as I have mentioned it is so much walking! I wore my timberlands every day with fluffy socks and my feet didn’t even ache! Get yourself a pair of walking shoes or boots you won’t regret it and your feet will be very thankful.

Take snack packs for you and the kids to enjoy throughout the day to keep you going and to save you wasting money on food in the park because it is ridiculously pricey.

If you are driving stock up on drinks, we took so many bottles of waters and fruit waters for the boys that we didn’t need to buy any drinks while we were over there. We just chucked them under the pram each day and we were sorted for the entire day. Yet again saving us money and keeping us hydrated.

Stock up on plasters, tablets and calpol for the kids.

You need to catch the illuminations and fireworks at least once, as they are truly magical and breath taking. Get there at least half hour before and watch the magic before your eyes.



Plan your days before you start as you can just get lost in the moment and walk around in circles trying to decide what you want to do first. Making a plan the night before while looking at the maps is a must to make sure you fit in as much as you can in a short time. Decide all the things you really want to do and do them first.

If there are certain characters your child wants to see I would reccomend getting to the spot half hour before it opens as we were first in the queue for buzz and woody and only had to wait half hour! When the queue opened it was well over an hour long! Plus being first in the queue is even more magical for the kids.

Before you head to a queue to a meet and greet or to a ride make sure you take your little one’s to to toilet. The amount of times we got super close to the front and Josh would pipe up with ‘I need a wee mum’ the little tinker!

Also take squash as it is impossible to find over there.



Take your camera and plenty of SD cards to refill when they get full! Also do not forget your phone and camera chargers, I would also recommend taking a portable charger for your phone and empty everything from it before you go so you have room for millions of videos and photos.

There are a lot of rude people who will push in, push past you and will just be generally ignorant. Ignore them and rise above it and just enjoy your experience as it really is a once in a life time one.

Get your head around fast pass before you go. Basically you scan all your guests tickets in the fast pass machines and it will give you a time to come back to the ride to skip the majority of the queue. As soon as you have used that one fast pass you will then be able to use it on another ride (you can’t fast pass another ride until the pervious fast track has been used) Use them on the popular rides to make the most of them.

Stop and take a look around, breathe in the atmosphere as it goes by far too quickly. The attention to detail all around you is incredible and unmissable. If you rush around and try and fit in as much as possible you really will miss all the little magical bits that are around you.



If you have a baby don’t forget your bottles, bottle brush, washing up liquid and steriliser!

Plug adapters and an extension lead is a must! They have barely any plugs so this helped. Also a hairdryer incase you don’t have one in the room, and if you do it will only be the average type that you would usually get and my hair takes forever to dry!

Record your trip – I am SO glad I did this as watching back on the videos (click here if you want to see them) has made me really remember how amazing it was and I had already forgot a few of the things we had done! Also take LOADS of photos to make a photo album when you get back as we love flicking through to remember our trip and they are such a lovely keepsake.

Pack spare clothes incase its raining.



If your child has a favourite character, get them to wear the same dress up outfit as its more magical for them. Josh was dressed up as woody when he met him and they really treat them brilliantly and that extra bit more special and shower them with attention as they know they are their favourite.

Something I wish I had known was baby switch! If you have a baby you and your partner can queue up for a ride with them, and swap! So when your partner/whoever you are with go on the ride, when they come off they can switch places with you and have the baby so you can then have a go! No extra queuing (and if you have another child who is allowed on the ride they can two rides!)

Make sure you buy an autograph book as that was Joshua’s favourite thing from his trip! He still loves looking at it now and showing every body who will look (bless him!) Don’t forget a pen, sharpies work brilliantly!



If you want to take a look through the shops they get really manic after 4pm! I would definitely reccomend buying things before then and you can even get your items delivered to your hotel reception! (How cool is that!)


Download the disney land paris app! It tells you real life waiting times for all the rides/meet and greets. Has all the maps and general hints and tips you will need for your stay.


The crush coaster is a must! My little boy loved it, as did I. A brilliant ride and quite fast. I would recommend using magic early hours for this as the queue went so much quicker.


Disney can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it – for most it is a once in a life time experience so people save and spend lots on merchandise (which we did!) but as long as you don’t spend silly amounts in all the shops (there are millions) then you should be ok.

If you have any tips you want me to add on then just send me a message! (or leave a comment!) would love to hear your tips as we want to go back some time soon.
















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