A Modern And Stylish Bedroom For You (With Room For Baby Too!)

You don’t have to give up on having anything nice when you become a mum. In fact, you can even have a modern and stylish bedroom that has room for baby too. Read on to find out how.


You might not be aware of this, but babies can be kind of messy. I think it has something to do with that whole thing of not being about to control what comes out of each end! That means any room that Baby will be spending a lot of time in has the potential to get messy too.

Bear this in mind when you decorate the wall in your bedroom. Expensive wallpaper for one should be avoided, as its easily damaged and hard to replace. Instead, consider a colour from one of the ranges of washable paints. Then if Baby wants to do their own ‘decorating’ or the walls get scuffed as you are moving around the cot and furniture, you can easily just clean the marks off, and your room will look as good as when you first painted it.


The bed is often the focal point of a room, and so you will want to pick one that looks impressive. Of course, metal frames or wooden framed beds with sharp edges are out of the question when you have a little one that could soon be bumping into them. Remember too that if you are planning on co-sleeping the cot will be fixed to the side of the bed and so you want this to be as safe, padded and baby proof as possible. That means beds like the ones from John Ryan by Design are a sound choice. Particular because as they are comfortably upholstered and look great too,

Baby Areas

Now, let’s look at the area you will need for baby. Of course, this entirely depends on your what you find the most useful. Remember, where Baby is concerned practicality and doing what works for you should reign.

As mentioned above you may wish to get a side sleeping crib that fixed onto the bed. This allows you and baby to sleep in the same space while being safe and ensuring that they are on a flat, sturdy surface all night.

Alternatively, you may wish to choose a stand-alone crib that you can position in the room. If this is the case try and pick one that matches the other tones or wood finish that you have in the room. Then everything will look harmonious, even while Baby is sharing your space.

Lastly, a nursing chair is something that is useful to have in your bedroom, when Baby is little. This is a chair that is comfortable for you to sit in with Baby in your arms so you can breast or bottle feed him. Don’t feel like you have to get one specially designed for nursing though because as long as it’s comfortable, you can have any chair you like. Something that you can really turn to your advantage in creating a modern and stylish room.

Baby Accessories

You may also choose to have Baby’s sleep accessories in the room with you such as a monitor, or sleep machine. To stop these items like these taking over your space, there are two main tactics you can employ. The first, if you have room for it, is to install a table or sideboard where all of Baby’s stuff can be kept separate from your own. Then it can be packed away tidily and won’t affect the ambiance of the room too much.

The second is to choose items that are not too ‘in your face’ to begin with. For example, simple plain white baby monitors can look stylish as well as do an excellent job of allowing you to keep an eye or ear out for the little one while you are not in the room.

Soft Furnishings

Getting the soft furnishing right in a baby-friendly adult bedroom can be something of a conundrum. You what something that looks great and is comfy. However, you also need something that is super practical, doesn’t show the dirt too much, and can be washed easily and put straight back on the bed. After all, are you really going to have time to be ironing duvet covers when Baby is little?

With this in mind look for non-iron bedding. This comes in two main types, the first looks normal but is coated with a special substance that helps it not to crease. The second is a fabric known as seersucker, and yes, that is what old school test sols were made of! The thing is on a bed, it can create a lovely rustic vibe, and the texture of the fabric means you don’t have to spend hours ironing it to get it all crisp and tidy. Something that makes it a great choice when completing your modern bedroom that you will for the next year or so at least be sharing with Baby.


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