No longer loves young dream..

I used to have a husband/Boyfriend

He used to have a Wife/Girlfriend

Before we had our children

We used to have a life

Now we seem to coexist

Through a haze of pure exhaustion

We stumble past in dead of night

clutching nappies, milk or lotion

We play a game of parent tag

its my turn, then it’s his

Even on a rare night out

we just talk about the kids

I’m grateful we’ve both managed

to keep our sense of humour

As we spend our days with sick and poo

And sex is just a rumour

It’s hard for me to hold his hand

Because there’s a small hand already there

And if he wants to cuddle me

He knows he’ll have to share

But when I see him play with them

Wrestling on the floor

I realise, though we rarely kiss

I actually love him more

And sometimes he will catch my eye

As we experience together

These precious parent moments

We’ll remember for forever

So though we fall in bed at night

no longer loves young dream

we may have lost some couple time

But we’ve gained our four man team.




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