The Don’ts Of Parenthood

Whether you’re a social media fiend or you crave news 24/7, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen countless articles and opinion pieces on how to be the best parent. They are all of a similar ilk, telling you to feed your kids a healthy, nutritious diet, warning you of online dangers for youngsters and encouraging you to take away the tablet once in a while. Sometimes it’s easier to consider what you shouldn’t be doing as a responsible parent and let the rest simply fall into place. Take a look at what should be avoided when trying to shape your little darlings into well rounded, happy and healthy human beings.

Don’t Be Pushy

No one appreciates those yummy mummies who look out for every possible sign that their child has the most angelic singing voice, can throw some shapes or has a thespian hidden inside them, before sending them off to stage school. At the same time, you don’t want to fall into the trap of pushing your little cherub to perform well in formal exams when he or she isn’t that academically minded. As a parent, you need to be encouraging and supportive of your child’s wants and desires.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best for your child. If you have a daughter who has been playing doctors and nurses since they could walk and talk and has an innate craving to enter the medical profession, you should research the websites of the best schools like and encourage them to take an entrance exam. On the other hand, your child may love nothing more than kicking the ball around in the backyard, and he might be showing promise with his dribbling skills. If he wants to try and make it as a pro footballer, enrol him in one of the local clubs found at and get down to the sidelines every Saturday morning to cheer him on.

Don’t Compare

Siblings can be similar in every sense, or they can grow up like chalk and cheese. You may have one youngster who is outgoing, bubbly and eccentric, while the other is introverted, enjoys their own company and has a panic attack at the thought of any social situation. Never say to your offspring that you wish they were like their brother or sister. This can knock your child’s self esteem and see their confidence wither away. You need to celebrate their differences and encourage them to support one another. One weekend you might be heading to a fancy dress birthday party to placate the social butterfly in your ranks, while the next, you may be spending the day hot-footing it around the local library.

Don’t Admonish Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes; it’s a fact of life. When you’re younger, you inevitably make more of them as you begin to make sense of the world around you. Make sure that you encourage learning from these mistakes and don’t allow your child to grow up fearful of making them otherwise they’ll never give anything a go, think outside the box or push any boundaries. Some of the greatest scientific discoveries, like the discovery of antibiotics, were mere mistakes.

As a responsible parent, your want to provide the best childhood you can for your offspring. Follow this advice, and your little darling will flourish into a confident and happy grown up.


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