Tonsillectomy Worries for Josh.

So my little five and a half year old baby has to have a tonsillectomy and I am so worried! He is quite a babyish five year old, a complete mummies boy and lots of things scare him. For the last few years i have really struggled with him eating food. The only thing he would happily eat was anything soft and easy to swallow and I always thought it was because he is just ridiculously fussy and I  have always tried to encourage him to eat more things. For example. it takes him around half an hour to chew part of a ham sandwich because he just swirls it around in his mouth and can’t swallow which again I just thought was all on his head. Also for the last 2/3 years his snoring has become increasingly loud which I always used to laugh at and joke about how I wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend when he was older. I remember having the health visitor over when Freddie was first born and Josh was asleep on the sofa snoring his little head off. The health visitor looked at him and said to me ‘you should really get him checked out, that isn’t normal for someone his age’  As the year went on, and I actually watched him fully in a night I realised how much his chest and neck sunk in and he really looked like he struggled to breathe. The day after I took him straight to the doctor armed with videos of him snoring in the car. and in bed and they referred us to the ears. nose and throat unit.

Around two months later we received a letter in the post inviting us along to an appointment to talk about my worries. They looked in Josh’s mouth and were concerned with how big his tonsils were. They asked me lots of questions and decided they wanted to do a sleep study on him to see if it disturbs his sleep and to see if he suffered from sleep apnea. Last week I went back to pick up a sleep monitor which Josh was terrified about and it was only going to be attached to his toe to monitor him while he slept! The machine was quite big, the wire and strap were attached to his toe and I was told to keep it on him as long as I could. I had no idea what the numbers meant on the screen, but I did notice when he was struggling to breathe they shot right up. We went back the next morning to see the doctor and handed them the machine back to download the data. We were called in and they told me how it showed that all throughout the night he stopped breathing and suffered with sleep apnea. He said he really wanted to get his tonsils out as it would effect his ability to learn as his sleep was so disturbed. It would also hopefully help his eating as his tonsils being so large clearly effect his ability to swallow food.

Now this filled me with complete dread, as although it is what I wanted I know the process is going to be horrendous. Watching my little boy get wheeled down, a line fitted and being put to sleep is going to be awful. He is already petrified and starts to cry if it gets mentioned. We have been placed on the urgent list and they told me to be ready ASAP. We got sent to the pre op department where I had to fill out lots of forms, and questions to do with Josh. As i read them to him we did get a giggle ‘Does your child smoke or drink alcohol’ Mum what a stupid question why did you ask me that (ha ha) The last question was what are you most scared about? His answer? Being without his mummy – completely broke my heart as he really is such a mummies boy. I know I will be there with him until he falls asleep, and be the first person he will see when he wakes up but i’m still so scared as he just seems so little. I am not just scared for the actual surgery its the week after too that worries me. The pain, the struggling is going to be horrible to watch him go through. He is even devastated that he will have to miss two weeks of school!

Has your child had a tonsillectomy before? How did it go? Do you have any tips? How long was recovery?


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